I am committed to building an ethical metaverse. Let´s start from the unit that makes the Metaverse: data (or datum, yes 😉).

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I delight in translating complex information in accessible and enjoyable ways.

Hi! I’m Dr. Bravo. I recently finished a Ph.D. in AR/VR. And bear with me… my head is full. So full that either I share or I perish. This newsletter is my therapy.

In this newsletter I want to share the knowledge that I have gained during my years in Academia (UPF, DTU, MIT), where I didn’t find pleasure in sharing my knowledge primarily through scientific publications. They only perpetuate the “ivory tower” conundrum, where expertise remains reserved for an elite and is difficult to access, even for industry professionals interested in such topics.

About Metaverse Data & Ethics

Thanks for checking out this newsletter! This newsletter democratizes niche topics from researchers and industry experts on topics related to AR/VR data & ethics, from data privacy to regulations. It combines expertise together with informal aspects of democratization and humor, plus great illustrations from Ink Valls.

Here, I define the metaverse as a vision for the next wave of computing that is ubiquitous, seamless, and immersive—making use of AR/VR technologies. The metaverse will allow the convergence of augmented and virtual spaces in a unified digital reality that will pervade most layers of society in the upcoming decades.

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I am always down to hear your feedback, ideas, thoughts, criticism, and (ha!) praise. Please get in touch, and let´s stir the conversation!

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I democratize data & ethics in the Metaverse. I am a researcher, consultant & educator on AR/VR data visualization, information presentation, and ethics. Global-minded (lived in 5 countries to date), please do not talk about borders with me.